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Graphic Designers, 7 Awesome Ideas for Graphic Designers

7 Awesome Ideas for Graphic Designers

A graphic designer is known for his artistic and creative view. Their job is to build promotional and marketing content that would be eye-catching and unique at the same time. If you are seeking a career in graphic designing, then join a graphic design course in Kolkata.

Basically, graphic design has to meet business goals. Thus, every digital artist is expected to give their best shot, and they must work at their highest potential.

But, this is where the problem lingers. Let me explain –  work pressure is normal these days when a freelancer graphic designer must juggle too many projects. However, when the work pressure increases, the output might become redundant and result in monotony.

Thus, we have brought 9 lucrative aspects that would help you build effective graphic design. This would also set you apart from other graphic designers in the market.

9 Creative Ideas to try out by Graphic Designers

A digital artist can get inspiration by communicating with the graphic design community or joining digital art forums and social gatherings. This would help them to gain maximum exposure and will also enhance their professional career.

Gaining knowledge would help you adapt to the changing environment and remain flexible. Try out 2D and 3D models, which can make you an in-demand designer in the marketing sector. You can also join a graphic design course in Kolkata to enhance your skills.

1.   Asymmetric pattern

Patterns have been dominating the graphic industry for years, and at present asymmetric patterns are gaining immense importance. These are versatile and create an amazing background.

You can incorporate them in business proposals, annual reports, company profiles and more. They can be paired with a quote that looks compatible. You need to grab the attention, but at the same time, the design must not look overdone.

2.   Colorful icons and illustrations

Icons have always been a powerful marketing tool, and illustrations can help to share universal messages about the brand. So, start with colorful icons with bold backgrounds. Icons are synonymous with multiple languages and can be easily accessed by audiences residing in any location.

On the other hand, you might think illustrations may have lost their charm, but it is trending back in 2022. So, try mixing it with simple icons to create strong visuals for the brand. Usually, pretty icons are a perfect combination, along with the illustrations, to stop scrolling and admire the creation.

3.   Bright color and bold look

The year 2022 is all about bold colors and brilliant appearances. People are not afraid to experiment and choose a combination of bright colors to highlight the brand or the goal. You can try a different palette and would surely enjoy creating a unique design.

However, before implementing this idea, you must take inspiration, so you don’t combine useless vibrant colors. So, learn Graphic Design to know more about this design idea.

4.   Include visuals

Info graphics are also among the top trends in 2022 and you can easily create them without much effort. You can try creating different icons, illustrations, and text that reflect the workforce. This can be an engaging segment for the audience.

Visuals are the most interactive way to showcase a brand and gain leads. Thus, it also appeals to a wider audience irrespective of race, gender and location. Try out this universal graphic design idea to keep the results stand out from the rest. Doing a course from a Graphic Design Institute in Kolkata can help you to gain complete insight in this field.

5.   Create data visualization

Industries such as healthcare and marketing must introduce complex data to viewers. From this perspective, graphic designers can help create simple charts and graphs that would be colorful yet engaging. The B2C and B2B markets are looking forward to breaking the ice and rising on the social media ladder.

Creating data visualizations on relevant topics is fun yet informative content that is eye-catching. Moreover, these designs are easily shareable among the relevant groups for promotion. When we talk about multi-colour visualization, it’s not about merging any color, but being bold enough to draw attention.

6.   Interesting fonts

The year 2022 is more about making an impression. The long-lost Serif font has found its way back. This covers a stylish, elegant yet nostalgic impression. You get to design eye-catching headlines, which is enough to grab the user’s attention. While designing any website, this stylish version can be used to create a classic statement.

Even postcard series would make a good pairing with this font. Several brands have already been using this font design for user greetings. Constructing light text or pop-up images can find more clicks on social media.

7.   Double exposure

This is a pattern where multiple photos create a story. Double exposure effects are quite trending and have been influencing the market in a very intense way. The idea is selling like hot cake in the industry, and you get to improvise based on the demand.

The idea is to blend images with strong colors and get complete exposure to one film. This idea is usually taught in institutes offering a graphic design course in Kolkata.

8.   Hand Drawn illustrations

Something that can never go out of sight, and you can always present it in a unique way. It is not just photos but icons that are getting replaced by handwriting illustrations. You can even create fonts that would look much cooler than printed ones.

These are basically the most simple attention-grabbing methods. Hand-drawn illustration graphics have been governing the marketing industry for quite some time, and you have to use this opportunity for creative designs.

9.   Moving graphics

Static images have been in use for years, but animation can add a cool statement to the graphic design. Animations in the background can easily attract the user. However, do not overdo it; remember, simple is the key to an aesthetic output.

Just one or two objects in the image can be easily animated while keeping the rest static. You can also go for a digital paintbrush and try outstanding VFX designs. If you want to input text icons and the message, they should be clear enough for viewers to understand the difference.


So, before you start incorporating the ideas and blend into the trend, you must understand the project details and the audience. This will help you create a design highlighting the brand objective and client goal. 

Try experimenting with new methods so that your graphic designs do not have to compromise on the quality aspect. And, never be afraid to make decisions in terms of color palette. Nowadays, it has become easier to enhance your skills by joining online Graphic Design courses. All the best.

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