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VFX, Beginner’s Guide to VFX

Beginner’s Guide to VFX

While playing video games or watching any Hollywood movie, you must have seen imaginary walls and creatures that do not exist. These are all part of VFX or visual effects. Nowadays, even commercials that are using VFX are getting a high viewer rating. VFX is making the creation of impossible landscapes possible.

But, what is the future of VFX? Can you choose a VFX Course in Kolkata? Well, using VFX, you can add elements to any media file that has motion, but it is quite different from filming a live-action. You can add or deduct computer-generated images through the graphics software or even modify or add a transition within the media file.

VFX does not require any high speciality tool or device, and you can use your computer to combine live-action footage, manipulate it and create an unrealistic environment or characters. Basically, you are creating a believable illusion.

VFX has been a lucrative career option, and with the high demand, it has been a personal favorite of filmmakers, such as The Jurassic Park, The Social Network, etc.

But, where do you begin – let’s start with answering your queries first.

What are the types of VFX?

Often you might have seen scenes in a film that needs creating an explosion – How can you do that in a real environment? Or, you must have seen that shooting a particular scene might be quite dangerous. In this case, cinematographers work with graphics directors to create a visual that is believable and appeals realistic. VFX is of 3 promising types –


It is a computer-generated imaginary VFX format which is created through software and you do not need to manipulate the real-life footage or any motion video. If you have watched movies from the franchise Toy Story, it will give you a clear idea of what an entirely computer-generated animated film looks like. You cannot add any real-life characters to these films, and the entire process is done through software. CGI is meant for only animated movies.

Motion capture

It is also known as MoCAP, and you get the best version of VFX with this format. You can turn a live performance into a realistic digital sequence while actors perform on a mocap stage wearing a mocap suit. You can record the data through advanced camera systems and then add your creativity. You get to generate unbelievable characters, digital sequences, landscapes etc. If you have seen Lord of the Rings, you will get a clear idea, as this film uses a motion capture format. You can easily learn through VFX Institute in Kolkata.


It is a perfect combination of multiple images blended into one. You need a green screen for filming a commercial or a movie, which is the core of the composting technique. Here the actors are asked to film their sequences in costume with a green screen. Then comes the duty of the editor, who, while editing, removes this green screen, and the background is added. Along with that, additional characters and effects can be blended. The most accessible aspect of VFX is that you can make the changes through the computer

Should you learn VFX or Special Effects?

Now, you must be questioning how VFX is different from special effects and which one should you opt for to learn and find a job. Begin with getting enrolled on VFX Course in Kolkata.

VFX has been used since 1990, and it is a modified or advanced version of special effects. VFX Institute in Kolkata can help you to differentiate between the two.

Special effects require an accessible element, such as pyrotechnics or prosthetic makeup. But, with VFX, you can create a visual effect by using your computer, which is added post-production.

You need to record live and work according to the storyline using special effects. It also requires on-location models animated, whereas visual effects do not require you to improve the quality of images. So, create any landscape or enhance the media animation type through VFX.

If you want to add sequences with fire, water, snow, rain or any other weather element, then you have to use practical elements that resemble this, in case of special effects. However, while using VFX, you can create all this digitally without much effort.

Overall, special effects require large-scale scenes and practical application of costumes and prosthetics. You can achieve the results through special effects without much investment. On the other hand, with visual effects, you can add innumerable characters, such as a battle scene. VFX is the most cost-effective solution where you get to control the background digitally.

How do you begin with a VFX project?

Let’s start creating a VFX from scratch and join the best online VFX Course. To create a VFX, you need to have special software dedicated to this use. You can avail them for free or get paid versions depending upon the quality of work you need.

If you have a background in photography, drawing or modeling, you can understand how the VFX works. It would make it easier to understand what elements you should put in. Most importantly, you must have recorded footage to create VFX by adding special effects.

You can also create a VFX with an existing stock video, which makes it easier. To create composite footage, you have to download a stock footage edit using software and you are done. This will help you to get a much clearer outcome. If you are not willing to use stock videos, you can add your own video and stock visual effects.

5 Top VFX Software for Beginners

When choosing software to create VFX, you must be particular about its features. It must have blending mode capabilities, read Alpha channel files and offer masking options. Here are 5 most sought-after VFX software that you can use as a beginner:

1.   Houdini

 This is the most used software for creating advanced visual effects or editing video programs. You can add fine elements to the character, such as hair, and fur or use the fast rendering and fluid dynamic system.

2.   DaVinci Resolve

This is a very professional video editing program that provides you with keyframing, audio tools, cutting features, and color grading applications. You can also include motion editing tools, even if you are a beginner. Further, you can easily operate the DaVinci Resolve by following the guide.

3.   Adobe After Effect

This software has become popular among professionals, beginners and animation business houses because of its availability of numeral effects. You can easily manipulate a video or image to create a high-quality motion file. Moreover, it is easy to access, and you just have to understand how the after-effects work. You can also start testing your skills with real-life projects.

4.   Nuke

Another powerful video editing software that helps to add VFX to your videos and motion pictures is Nuke. It has more than 200 nodes and an advanced composting tool. Nuke is the best bet for you if you want something that is supposed to be leading industry technology, including open EXR.

5.   Hit film Pro

If you want something out of the box and looking for a unique blend of visual effects, 3D compositing and video editing, then this software can help you out. It is an all-in-one, user-friendly product with impressive designs and themes that you can start working on instantly. This is the best software for beginners trying to learn VFX and get into the professional animation field.

Are you ready to Begin?

Now that you have all the details about VFX and what software you should use, you must put them to good use. As it is said, practice makes a man perfect, so you need to keep learning about this dynamic field and enhance your skills. You will get plenty of online tutorials, or you can also enroll on a VFX Course in Kolkata.

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