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Best 7 Graphic Design Software for Beginners in 2018

The moment we mention graphic design software, we also immediately think of complex operations, confusing interfaces, and oodles of professional training that we might require before we can use any of them. Not really! Here are some of the very basic graphic design software that iseasily usable by beginners too, besides being hot favorites amongst ind7ustry professionals.

  1. Adobe Photoshop CC

When it comes to graphic design,Adobe Photoshop CC is universally the list topper and the most basic software for graphic design. This software can be used to create, edit, enhance and customize a wide range of graphic and digital work, such as illustrations, 3D graphics, paintings, and more. It has inbuilt tools to help beginners create interesting designs, posters, paintings, logos, and so on. Adobe Photoshop can be used to create templates, brochures, banners, and to design websites, mobile apps, presentations and more. This software is used by most professional graphic designers, photographers, painters, digital artists, and designers. However, it has easy to use built-in tools and templates that beginners can easily learn.It has several automatic options that enable even beginners to transform images into spectacles! Adobe Photoshop has a set of quite basic yet unique templates,tools, effects and brushes, such as brush management tools, channel mixing, luminescence control,perspective correction, clone stamp tool and umpteen more. With features like One-touch adjustments, one-touch filters, blemish removal, red-eye correction, and the basics of basic cropping, rotating, and more, beginners can easily use these built-in tools and templates to design,create and enhance avast array of digital works.

  1. Adobe Illustrator CC

Beginners wanting to use vector art for creating designs, sketches, logos,and typography should find Adobe Illustrator CC as the ideal tool. They can also use it to create complex digital illustrations that are to be used with audio-visual formats, video games,and mobile apps. Though once again, Adobe Illustrator CC is also mostly preferred by professional artists, illustrators,and designers, it is equally good for newbies as it comes with built-in design templates and settings which are easily accessible.Illustrators Free Transform tool and touch-type tool are quite easy to use. The software allows us to create pixel-perfect designs, neat alignments,and brilliant finish.

  1. Adobe InDesign

For the creation of layouts for magazines, brochures, books and similar materials, another software from the Adobe brand, Adobe InDesign is the best! Professional layout designers use the software all over the world. However, InDesign has the flexibility of functions that make it user-friendly and easy to navigate, even for beginners. InDesign has an easy drag-and-drop individual layer and easy layer management preset. Functions such as image and icon insertion, image resize, combining texts with graphics and much more amazing preset features make InDesign a popular tool for beginners.

  1. GIMP

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) software is as good as Photoshop. This software is very popular for both professional photographers and graphic designers because GIMPs image manipulation and enhancement tools are much advanced. However, this software also has the user-friendly flexibility that makes it a popular one among newbies. GIMP offers an easy to navigate full-screen view and edit mode and complete customization to create digital designs. There are also tons of other amazing features, such as image enhancement tools, color sand shades adjustment tools, customizable brushes. These help even beginners to fine-tune Images and churnout crystal clear graphics. After Photoshop, GIMP turns out to be the most popular software among st beginners.

  1. CorelDraw

A popular graphic design platform,this is yet another extremely popular software used for a vast range of digital design work. A very basic graphic design software CorelDraw helps both professionals and amateur newbies to create stunning graphics, images, icons and website designs. CorelDraw Graphic Suite 2017 hosts the widest array of graphic design applications, such as the CorelDraw 2017, Corel CAPTURE 2017, Corel PHOTO-PAINT 2017, Corel Font Manager 2017, Corel Website Creator, Corel Power Trace 2017, and. Corel CONNECT 2017. These tools are easy to learn using and start creating your products with. With a common platform between these, the workflow becomes more easily synced and manageable even for beginners. CorelDraw has certain very productive and extremely user-friendly operations that most vector editors just cant match up to.

  1. Inkscape

If youre into vector art, or if youre a graphic designer who prefers using SVG file format, then Inkscape is the ideal tool for you. If youre a professional graphic designer or a newbie, or even a layman wanting to churn up some stunning vector art or graphics for your personal use, Inkscape is your tool! This software has the amazing capability to edit source codes directly and also the clones on canvas. With features such as One click fill paint bucket, keys to navigate screen pixels and editable gradients, Inkscape is a very user-friendly software for a varied range of illustration chores, sketching,andcoloring. It comes with an endless range of built-in filters too.

  1. Cinema4D

Lastly, for all animation graphics people, this is one powerful and productive software to possess! Cinema4D allows one to create some excellent motion graphics, 3D models,and animation art. It comes with tools and presets that makes easier the otherwise tedious 3D processes such as lighting, editing, texturing, rendering and even procedural or polygonal modeling. The software operates on an intuitive skill, enabling beginners to jump-start their 3D art creation with ease and confidence. It doesnt require much of training before one can start using Cinema4D. However, because this software is sleek, fast-paced and loaded with cool features, it is loved by professionals and beginners alike. Beginners can easily start creating 3D motion graphics, video graphics and architectural 3D presentations using this very efficient and yet user-friendly software.   With these 7amazing and super easy basic graphic design software, you can right away start creating stunning graphics, illustrations,and designs even without the delicate skills of an experienced professional

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