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, Digital VFX Film Making – Learn from the Professionals

Digital VFX Film Making – Learn from the Professionals

Digital VFX Film Making can be an exciting course for you if you are looking to build a career in this field. The course focuses on giving you the right foundation to develop your expertise in VFX filmmaking.

There are several VFX filmmaking courses that can give you all the basics about visual effects of high-end, 2D as well 3D animation and other advanced learning tools. Arena is the best animation institute in Kolkata that can offer you a dynamic course and hands-on experience with its state-of-the-art studios and certified faculty who go out of their way to give the perfect training to each student. Moreover, the curriculum is highly relevant to the industry and gives the students the opportunity to learn the latest animation software like 3DS Max & Maya. Students also get to learn various techniques of animation like stop motion or clay animation and have the opportunity to specialize in the area that interests them the most.

With a minimal VFX course fees in Kolkata, you can become an expert digital VFX filmmaker. Moreover, with Arena, you also get full career assistance with regular seminars and workshops that help you in developing a fantastic portfolio for yourself. The high-end infrastructure also ensures that you learn digital art and design in the best environment. When you enroll at the best animation institute in Kolkata, you ensure that you get full industry experience, tours of the studio, access to job fairs and completely guaranteed assistance with placements. You have classes only three times a week and that too two hours per session. Hence, you get enough time to work on creative projects and assignments.

After successfully, finishing this course, you have a plethora of career options at your disposal! You can choose to become an illustrator graphic designer, a storyboard artist, a layout designer, a video editor, an audio editor, a 3D modeler, flash designer and animator, texture artist, character designer and much more. In short, the sky is the limit once you finish your VFX filmmaking course with us. During the course, you can select your interest area and focus on working in that field to have a successful career.

So, if you are looking for a career in digital VFX filmmaking and have already finished your class 12th exams, you can visit us and join our VFX filmmaking courses to start a fantastic career today!

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