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Marketing and Advertising, The Real Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

The Real Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and Advertising these two hugely popular terms in business world. But if the question is asked what’s the difference between Marketing and advertising? Hardly you will get a perfect answer. Its true both platform reach a targeted audience to promote product or services but they are very different. Welcome to todays edition. Today we are going to discuss the Real Difference between marketing and advertising . How they differ. And how they influence business differently today. So without wasting any more time lets begin.

Marketing VS Advertising: If we go by definition wise then Marketing is a component. It is an action of promoting and selling products or services, including market research. And on the other hand Advertising can be defined as the activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services. Nicely written on an article If Marketing is a pie, then Advertising is a piece of that pie. Rightly said because Marketing is a huge topic and advertising is a part of marketing.

How they differ:

  • Well the main aspect of advertising is Promotion and on other hand marketing includes Product, Price, Place, People, and Process.
  • Importance of Marketing is to Sale but advertising is for creating Awareness.
  • Advertisement helps to grab attention of the customers and marketing, well it helps to engage the public, create a market for both existing and new customers.

How they influence in business: In one hand Advertising creates a visual impact in peoples heart or mind in order to sale the story of the company. On the other hand, Marketing is the way through which we can keep people engage in the story. So you cant choose one right? And as it rightly said Marketing or ads is like saying left hook vs right cross. To win the fight, you probably need both they differ. And these are some of the real difference between Marketing and advertising. But the point is though they differ but still where there is marketing there must be advertising in the process and wherever there is advertising you cannot miss out marketing. Isnt it?   Research shows that in the business world these two aspects – Marketing and advertising are growing rapidly.

Every business want an expertise to support their business. So, there are many institutes launching marketing courses in Kolkata. Therefore if this domain excites you, go for an exposure and learn the trendy marketing tactics, learn the prominent advertising strategies and create a smart awareness for your business. Make your mark with the modern marketing and advertising techniques. This is the era.

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