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, The Boom of Special Effects in the Movie Industry

The Boom of Special Effects in the Movie Industry

Movie is a creation of a new world dont you agree. I mean for that 2 or two and a half hour you just forget your reality enter into the new imaginative world and you live every moment of it as if all happening is for real. Whether its a plane crash or dinosaur chasing or an action sequence all feel so real isnt it? Well, all kudos goes to special effect undoubtedly.

Welcome guys, well today I am going to discuss how this special effects create a boom in movie industry it gonna be fun lets begin It says special Effect is an illusion or trick of the eye that make the viewer believe unbelievable things. Scene like a plane crash, burning of face or body parts, or beheading somebody and so on. Well while doing researching work I found out that it says, [Thomas Edison was the first man to use special effect Edison created an 18 second film on beheading of Mary, queen of Scotts. Mannequin was used though while shooting the beheading scene but every person who saw the film thought its for real.]

Earlier movie industry not used to use special effect that much. But things change now almost every film have special effects. Star wars, Jurassic park, harry potter, titanic any sci-fi movies. Pick any scene whether its the entry of the dinosaurs or entry of harry potter through 9 3/4 station for Hogwarts or infinity war it give Goosebumps isnt it? Cause it feel so real Every now and again a film comes out with special effects. It may be a 3d movie, or some incredible explosion, cool character design of invisible vfx which the most viewers wont notice. Special effect is also benefit for giving huge numbers of profit to a film and production houses.

How can we deny how Bahubali breaks all collection records? It attracts the audiences crazily for its Vfx magic. Infinity wars . Remember? Booking for the movie started one month earlier like insane… why? Because people know what they gonna get from these movies . The visual treat is the one reason why this movies done massive collection in movie business. How this movie industry is changing we should take a moment and give credit to the designers who are the reasons for such special effects. They are the hero who creates somethings which is beyond our imagination ?

The boom of special effects in movie industry well its not going anywhere anytime soon ..Its going to rule and going to be more extraordinary in coming year. Special effect or Vfx is in itself is a big topic and interesting indeed. So you people out there if you want to learn vfx give it a shot .search for available vfx course in Kolkata . And start learning

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