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Animation Institutes, Top 5 Animation Institutes in Kolkata

Top 5 Animation Institutes in Kolkata

Today, many aspiring animators and VFX artists are looking into pursuing a career in animation and multimedia field. Animation is gaining great popularity among youngsters since it is utilised in several entertainment mediums, like movies, videos, OTT and more.

To excel in this field, young animators should upskill themselves from top animation colleges in Kolkata as this city is one of the reputed ones for academics.

Why should one consider Animation courses in Kolkata?

Kolkata holds a good reputation for academic excellence and is home to prestigious educational institutions along with various other reasons.

  • Animation institutes in Kolkata provide in-depth knowledge instructed by well-experienced faculties who are experts in their disciplines.
  • Institutes here hold pride in the high-end technology they provide, including well-equipped classes, computer labs with the latest software, and specialised equipment necessary for animation production. Students have access to industry-standard tools and technology to enhance their learning experience.
  • Kolkata has a booming animation industry with good opportunities for students to gain practical experiences through internships, workshops and seminars. Many animation training institutes in Kolkata are tied up with local studios that provide students with the much needed exposure to real-world projects and networking opportunities.
  • Aspiring young animators will find inspiration in the city’s rich artistic environment and diverse culture. Students’ creativity and innovation are fostered by the varied cultural influences of Kolkata, which provide inspiration for animation projects.
  • Compared to other cities in India, Kolkata’s cost of living is lesser which makes it affordable and accessible for all the students to pursue Animation courses.
  • Communities in Kolkata are supportive towards artists, animators and filmmakers. They nurture talents and promote the growth of the animation industry.

Here are the top 5 Animation Institutes in Kolkata

Arena Animation:

Arena Animation is one of the best animation institutes in Kolkata with multiple centres across the city which include Chowringhee, Shyambazar, Uttarpara, Barrackpore, New Alipore and others. They also have branches all over India. They offer a wide range of courses in Animation, VFX, multimedia, and graphic design. Their course curriculum has been recently updated with Generative AI which is a must in today’s market. With an 100% Job assistance, industry-relevant curriculum, experienced faculty, affordable courses and accessibility to all, Arena Animation prepares students for successful careers in the animation industry.

MAAC (Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics):

MAAC is a well-known animation institute with several centres located around Kolkata in Ultadanga, Subhas Pally, Serampore, Barrackpore, Rash Behari and more. They offer courses in animation, VFX, filmmaking, multimedia, and more, MAAC provides students with training using modern technology and industry-standard software. MAAC emphasises the development of creative skills and practical knowledge which equips them to excel in the field of animation.


Moople is a leading animation institute with multiple centres in Barasat, Dunlop, Jodhpur Park, Kughat, New Alipore and several others. They specialise in animation, VFX, graphic design, and multimedia, Moople offers industry-oriented courses designed to meet the demands of the animation industry. Moople provides students with a team of experienced training faculties, hands-on training and practical skills required for a successful career in animation.


Hitech is a well-established animation institute with a centre located in Topsia, Kolkata. They offer courses in animation, VFX, graphic design, and multimedia. Hitech provides students with comprehensive training and practical exposure to industry-standard tools and techniques. Their focus is on skill development and creativity, Hitech prepares students to meet the challenges of the booming animation industry.

Frameboxx :

Frameboxx is a reputed educational institution offering a range of courses, including animation and multimedia, at it is located in Chowringhee, Kolkata. They focus on holistic education and industry relevance. Frameboxx provides students with a strong foundation in animation, VFX, graphic design, and related fields. Through its state-of-the-art infrastructure and experienced faculty, Frameboxx aims to nurture talent and empower students to achieve their career goals in animation.

These top five animation institutes in Kolkata offer aspiring young animators diverse opportunities to excel in their field of interest. With industry-relevant curricula, innovative collaborations, and modern technological facilities, these institutes prepare their students with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in the animation industry.

However Arena Animation is the oldest brand and the best as per industry recommendation. You can however take feedback from your friends and students who have studied in these institutes before you take a decision.

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