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Animation Courses in India You Have Never Heard Of, Animation Courses in India You Have Never Heard Of

Animation Courses in India You Have Never Heard Of

7 Animation Courses in India You Have Never Heard Of

Even amidst the current world of pandemic that’s witnessing a paradigm swing, the world of animation is implementing new breakthroughs. And at present, expecting professionals to work on newer animation elements and create larger-than-life characters seem all the more demanding than before. Given the requirement of remote working and digital learning, it has become a prerequisite for professionals to learn about the best animation courses in the Indian educational department.

Although the world is struggling to adapt to the ‘new normal’ phase, animation remains a global industry. So much so that people have convincingly fallen in love with the rare and enchanting attributes of animation! As it’s becoming a lucrative career choice, enthusiasts are now more concerned about enhancing extensive visualization, art, and creativity. On this note, here’s how a career in animation is praiseworthy. After learning it, we shall then move forward to understanding the 7 lesser-known animation courses that the Indian educational department has brought with cutting-edge innovations.

Why Build a Career in Animation?

Animation is one such sphere that helps you progress with an unstoppable force. This industry solely aims at helping scholar acquire fundamental knowledge concerning art, creativity, and imagination. Besides an array of job opportunities in diverse industries, animation offers growing demand as well as supply. After all, it focuses on the expanding business hubs of this space-age world.

While it’s a flexible source to express your own ideas, it’s one such medium where you can turn your fantasies into lifelike characters. A career in animation is successful and lucrative. Being an integral part of the entertainment industry, it has direct involvement of the imagination part. Take gaming, for instance! Moreover, it also ensures employability in the creative space by employing prospective professionals in their direct roles. Let’s now take a close look at the little-known or lesser-heard animation courses that people seldom have a clue of their existence in the Indian educational department.

Top 7 Least-Heard Courses in Animation

You might have heard about the degree course in BA in Animation & Multimedia. But learning fine arts in graphics, web design, and animation is something out-of-the-box.  But even then, these degree courses have gained momentum in the world of prospective graduates. Thus, this post shall talk about 7 animation courses that you probably haven’t yet heard of. Let’s read through:

1.Animation Vfx Prime Course

It’s an Arena Animation-Certified course that trains learners in all aspects and end to end methods of animation and VFX. This professional job-ready course gives a comprehensive grounding on the prerequisites and fundamental techniques of animation, VFX, 3D or 2D animation, digital filmmaking, typography, and FX. The course trains the most current tools and technologies used in the industry of animation and VFX. Here are the skills you learn:

  • You become job-ready for your prospective career
  • Discover several elements of 2D and 3D animation
  • Learning the aspects of visual effects or VFX
  • Understanding new tools and technologies and working with them
  1. Blender’s 3D Animation

It seems that the prominence of 3D animation is ineffable. As a primary introduction to w3D animation’s key elements, this Blender course aims at letting learners understanding about modeling and animating non-organic objects. The skills that you will learn include:

  • Basics of 3D visualization
  • Exploring animation techniques and methodologies
  • Understanding animation principles
  • Learning about timing and keyframing
  • Creating realistic models and animations that are 3D in nature
  • Practicing timing and motion to create 3D animation

It’s a career-oriented course and intends to build career in pursuing digital animation with a touch of 3D knowledge.

  1. 3D Animation Course in MAYA

It’s a beginner’s guide where you learn to create 3D animation. By the course’s end, creating 3D models with diverse dynamics, textures, and lightings would seem like a piece of cake. The skills that this course teaches you are mentioned below:

  • Discovering Maya and understanding the fundamentals of this course program
  • Practicing 3D modeling and animations
  • Experimenting with the component of look developments
  • Practicing how to create dynamic effects
  • Rendering the projects; and
  • Learning how to put together the 3D animated scene entirely

This 3D course intends to let beginners learn 3D animation via Maya.

  1. Animation & CGI Motion

This course is a scientific look towards CGI motion and animation. While it introduces you to the basic of 3D animation, it also teaches students about coding and physics simulation. The top skills you can improve are:

  • Practicing coding and equations
  • Learning required algorithm associated with animations
  • Formulating mechanical system via mathematics
  • Creating realistic animated characters and models
  • Using Eulerian and Lagrangian representations

As this course stretches more on science equations and mathematics, it’s ideal for professional levels and never for beginners.

  1. Character Animation Course

This course focuses on designing realistic characters in the rudimentary animation course. The character animation class allows expanding animation knowledge and expertise while improving techniques and skills through experimentation and exploration. Some of the skills you learn from this course are:

  • Learn animation basics
  • Understanding how animation a walk cycle can take place
  • Rendering animation projects and models
  • Practicing Adobe Illustrator to learn more
  • Focusing on key elements of animation and design of the character
  • Creating exciting animated characters

This course is definitely for beginners!

  1. 2D Animation Course

The 2D animation course’s primary objective is to offer a 2D outlook towards animation. You can practice animation skills useful in a professional setting. On this note, here are the skills that you can improve in with 2D animation courses.

  • Learn a set of animation tips in order to improve yourself in style and efficiency
  • Practice gestures of characters minutely
  • Garner professional prominence in this field and gain experience
  • Focus on attention to detail and develop realistic animation characters
  • Create the character’s realistic movements

Anyone is recommended to join this class as it’s made for both freshers and professionals; and everything in between! Given that the course focuses on basic skills for animation, it’s ideal for beginner’s in this sphere.

  1. Animation Film Design Course

As a prospective filmmaker, it is imperative to join Arena Animation’s Animation Film Design Course. This course establishes your successful career in the sphere of animation. This course prepares candidates for high-paying career choices in creating shows or series for web platforms or TV, making films, making mobile games, designing video games, enhancing the graphical representation of any video game, and more. The following are the top skills you learn from this course:

  • Learn how to proceed with your filmmaking decision
  • Explore the world of web platforms by making an amazing web series
  • Create daily soap items for the television
  • Become a popular filmmaker
  • Upscale your career with high paying jobs

You can contact Arena Animation to pursue a course in Animation Film Design.

Wrap up

Ever since its advent in the 1980s, animation has come a really long way. Today, if someone is determined aboutpursuing a career in animation, then there’s a range of animation course to choose in the graduation level. However, one should never forget to give close attention to any of the crash courses that have gained prominence in today’s animation domain. This is where choosing one of the aforementioned courses can make sense. On a serious note, you can pursue courses offered by Arena Animation Chowringhee. For details, contact the career counselor of the institute.

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