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Animation Course in Kolkata, Crash courses in Animation explained

Crash courses in Animation explained

Animation has bridged the entertainment gap and secured its position as the global demand. As technology has made its way into our everyday life, Animation has made it possible to create its connection with the audience.

Nowadays, Animation plays a major role in enhancing the business reach and generating leads organically. For example, if someone is working on brand impression, be it major businesses, entrepreneurs or retailers – Animation plays a pivotal role. So, you can well assume the importance of learning Animation.

The learning curve of Animation has expanded, and animators are getting hired to create brand flexibility. The most exciting part is that the budget is limitless. You think of a number and put it within the budget brackets.

Animation is quite dynamic, and this makes Animation courses so popular. You do not have to sign up for any long term Animation course in Kolkata to learn this creative skill. Rather, if you want to build a career around it, crash courses have made it possible to learn Animation in a few weeks.

What is an Animation crash course?

Crash course is the quickest and most flexible process of learning skills within a short time. You get to learn the entire syllabus but in a rather comprehensive process. Similarly, if you want to learn Animation but do not have the requisite time, then go for a crash course. You can also choose to gain expertise in a specific niche of Animation. Overall, learning Animation is a really unique journey. So, let’s get to understand how a crash Animation course in Kolkata can help you out.

Would you still be an animator after passing a crash course?

Let’s get to understand who is an animator. Someone who has skills in animating 2D and 3D images, visuals or characters. Their job is more like bringing artwork to life, and it could be cut-out characters, lego figures, puppets or character rigs while working on 3D software.

There are numerous dimensions of Animation which you can pick while joining a crash course. This will simply enhance your skill, and it can be 3D Animation, 2D hand drawing Animation, 2D vector Animation, Stop motion Animation, motion graphics Animation and more.

So, even if you join a crash course, it doesn’t make your certification less than a professional course holder in Animation. Crash courses pave your way toward a high-scale job within a short time.

Where can you join the crash course?

The art of learning Animation is growing, and you get many online and offline courses. The syllabus is adjusted based on beginners and advanced learners. Here are the best platforms for joining the Animation course in Kolkata.

Learning Animation through an online crash course

This course is taught entirely online, and you can connect with the teacher remotely. Usually, the course is distributed in a 3 to 6 months period, and you get numerous options and budget-friendly deals. Top-notch professional artists are hired to teach you through online portals. You can access this on the go and get to learn multiple creative styles through the virtual lessons. Some online learning platforms also include 3D modeling, after effects, and computer graphics software handling in the course. Education portals like Udemy, Coursera and other online platforms will help in filling up this gap

Animation Institutes offering crash courses

There are many leading Animation institutes which are particularly meant for enhancing the skills or teaching students the main objective of Animation. Here you can choose a crash course which lasts for about 3 to 6 months, or you can enroll for a full term. You get to learn about software and technology from the best Animation institute in Kolkata. This can assist you throughout the content creation and Animation. Well-experienced teachers are appointed to help you with your lessons. In the end, certification is provided as a stronghold of the course you have attended. Institutes like Arena Animation, Zica, Frameboxx, Whistling Woods etc. will help in providing such courses

Universities offering crash courses

Though most universities offer Bachelors or Master’s Degree in this field, some usually host 4 to 8 weeks of online lessons. Here you get to learn about programming and Animation. Mostly 3D art is the prime focus, and you get to build a career around gaming or creating characters as a beginner. If you want to learn advanced Animation, then joining any Animation institute is better.

Softwares offering trial crash courses

With the development in technology, you get 100 + applications and tools associated with Animation. These applications provide 7 days to 14 days trial crash or demo courses. This is basically a way to generate leads and promote their brand. But, it is quite appealing, and you get to understand the software, particularly to its core. You can later use it to add creative elements to any Animation work. These courses are usually staged based on a beginner’s perspective. Software companies like Adobe and Autodesk usually provide these demo or crash courses.

Crash courses offered by video game companies

Lead video game engines provide official certificates for working along with them. It is more like a crash course where you get to practice and enhance your skills. You get the opportunity to learn Animation in any particular niche of video gaming. However, the selected candidates are chosen based on past records. This is a big opportunity to learn about creative work and management. This is usually based on mid-learning artists and the video game companies usually set up plans to hire the participants later. Companies like Nintendo and Sony usually provide these crash courses.

How to choose a perfect crash course for yourself?

Before you opt for any crash courses, always prioritize quality over quantity. Get to know which source offers you a much-extended syllabus that would suit you.

Online crash course

If you opt for Animation online courses, check whether it is accessible through all the devices and from any location. It must have the flexibility and good time management so that you can put the rest of the day into something meaningful.

Offline crash course

If you choose any university or Animation colleges in Kolkata, you might need to visit the institute to attend classes. Check whether they are in coordination with your free time. Before enrolling, you can also ask the previous participants or students about their experience. Also, get to know about the teaching faculties and their expertise. Scrutinize whether you will get a certificate at the end of the Animation course in Kolkata, otherwise, the entire effort would go in vain.

Moreover, you can also choose a specific niche, customize your own learning plot and contribute to your personal growth. It is all about pushing your skills and trying to work harder. You must master the craft in order to secure a good profile and job role in the Animation market.

Join a crash course to stay ahead in the animation industry

You would be interested to know that Animation has not only been restricted to video making but has expanded its reach towards filmmaking, sketching, photography, digital marketing, etc. You just have to understand the perspective of the people you are targeting and based on that, create animated content. The only criteria are that the content should be appealing.

Learning new techniques, strategies and skills is the only way to make your way into the Animation market. And since the entire globe is becoming digitally engaged – it is opening up a vast scope for animators. So, jump in and join a crash course today!

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