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, The Best Arena Institute in Kolkata – 2022 Review

The Best Arena Institute in Kolkata – 2022 Review

From 53 billion Indian rupees in 2020 to an estimated 129 billion INR in 2023, the boom in the animation and VFX industry is really astonishing. The estimated numbers show a 35% annual growth rate for the animation industry. 

Yes, the animation industry is booming and creators around the world are looking for fresh talents to create animation movies, shows, and whatnot! 

The requirements for animators are not limited to movies or shows though. Today, talented animators are required in web design firms, graphic design firms, and advertising agencies alike. 

The good news is, you can learn animation at any point in your life. Most animation institutes just require a 10+2 degree to enroll in an animation course. After you complete the course, you can join top firms as an animator.  

But if you plan to learn it, you need to be sure of the credibility of the institute you are learning it from. 

You also need to know whether the institute will provide any placement assistance or not. 

When all these factors are considered, Arena animation is one of the best animation learning centers in Kolkata that you’ll find. Our learning infrastructure and faculty are one of the highest-rated in India. And you’ll find a lot of scope for learning and practicing the nitty-gritty of animation in Arena

Let’s see what makes us the best animation institute in Kolkata

We Provide All Types of Animation Courses

With Arena animation Kolkata, you will always be one step ahead with the range of animation courses that we provide. Whether it’s VFX, Animation, Broadcast, or Web Designing, you’ll find all of these under one roof. So, if you are looking for a trustedanimation institute in Kolkata, we are among the best. Let’s take a look at what you can learn at Arena.


If you are looking to learn VFX, we are the best institute you can learn from. With 23+ years of excellence in teaching, Arena holds a special name in teaching VFX and other animation techniques.

Here’s why you should enroll with us:

  • Our course combines all the VFX and animation modules
  • Hands-on practical sessions 
  • Cutting edge setup with lab facilities
  • Comprehensive learning with audio-visual techniques

Not only the course structure is great, but our fee structure is also very competitive. With us, you’ll get to learn VFX from top teachers at a very affordable price. 

Graphic Designing

Today, it’s hard to find any media house that does not need a graphic designer. And that’s the reason for learning graphic designing. If you have that creative spark within you, choose our all-encompassing graphic designing course that will not only teach you the techniques but our experienced faculty will also guide you on how to become a good graphic designer. 

At Arena animation, our graphic design course is detailed and comprises all the latest components needed. Our course module is divided into routine classroom sessions and practical skill development programs. 

When you opt for our graphic designing course, you’ll learn to create amazing digital graphics using the latest software including:

  • Adobe Photoshop 
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Corel Draw 

Not only you’ll learn to use these pieces of software, but after completing our detailed course you’ll simply master them to create graphic design arts that attract attention. 

Web Designing

Today, not a single business thrives without a website. Every business needs a quality website to grow in this technology-driven era. And that’s where lies the requirement of web designers. Talented web designers are highly sought-after and with our web designing course, you can be one of them. 

The course module in our Kolkata animation institute is designed in such a way that you’ll learn from the basics to the professional level. Our course structure includes:

Fundamental concepts of web designing

Here you’ll learn the basic components of web designing as an introduction to the subject.

Graphics & Illustration

Any good website contains engaging graphics to attract the attention of visitors. Hence, graphics and illustration is major component of our web designing course. 


When you design a website, you’ll have to design it keeping the visitors in mind. A quality website should be engaging and user-friendly. Thus our module includes all the factors that make up a good website with a user-friendly interface. You’ll also learn how to make a website responsive.

Typography Designing

With our all-inclusive web designing course, you’ll also learn the basics of typography designing. This is one factor that makes a website exclusive in terms of appearance and when you opt for us, you’ll learn how to create a world-class website that not only informs but also is eye-catching. 

Apart from what mentioned above, our web design course is full of other nitty-gritty details that make our module the best and prepare a student to create a website that catches attention. 

We offer a range of other animation courses that makes a learner job-ready. Now, let’s learn the scope you’ll get after completion of any of our courses.

Scope after Completing Our Animation Courses

Our animation institute courses are designed in such a way that makes you job-ready. If you are creative enough you can bag a great job in several industries. As mentioned, animation is not limited to movies or shows but a great many industries need talented animators are required in fields such as:


Today, advertising has shifted from hoardings and TV ads to a more digital place. Ad campaigns are run in the digital world where animation plays a major role. Talented and creative animators are thus required in the advertisement industry who can create engaging digital art and portrays a brand in the right way. 

Movies & Television

2D and 3D animation are largely used nowadays in movies and televisions. Movies like “The Avengers” are enticing and attract people of every age. So, there’s a huge scope of talented animators in movies and television. If you are creative and have that spark in you, you can easily grab a great job after completing our animation courses. 

Comics & Cartoon Industry

Comics and cartoons need animators and there’s no saying otherwise. Shows like “Tom & Jerry” wouldn’t have been made in the first place without animators. Comics and cartoons do not always target minors. They can be equally enticing for seniors as well. So, after completing our animation course you can bag a good job in creating comics and cartoons where a large number of talented animators are needed. 

Video Games

The video game sector is another field where there’s a huge requirement for talented animators. Today’s video games comprise high-quality graphics and thus there’s a regular requirement for animators who can create them. If you are creative and willing to think out of the box, you can grab a job in the gaming sector easily.

Facilities and Faculties of Arena Multimedia

When you opt to learn from us, you’ll be enrolled in the finest institute to learn animation in Kolkata. Our teaching staff is extremely experienced and well-versed in the details of animation. Our faculty consists of industry experts who are continually updating themselves to teach a learner all the details of animation. 

With us, you get a clean learning environment with all the cutting edge facilities like a lab or high-end computer systems to learn and practice all the details that a subject like animation has. 

At Arena multimedia, you’ll have access to all the modern technologies related to animation and thus you can learn everything related to animation from us. You’ll also get ample scope of practicing what you have learned. Being a field where you need hands-on training, our state-of-the-art facilities will come in handy when you learn animation. Our teaching faculty too is always ready to help and guide the students so that they become master animators.

Keeping in mind that thousands of students want to learn animation, we have kept our fees very competitive. If you are worrying about Arena animation fees, please don’t. We have kept our fees much affordable so that everyone interested in learning animation can learn from the best. 

Placement Assistance

We just don’t teach our students and let them go. We provide 100% placement assistance to each and every student who enrolls with us. So, you can learn from us and we will provide you assistance in bagging a good job as well.


With a great many industries looking for talented animators, learning the details of animation can really help you in bagging a great job. And we, at Arena animation, can teach you like no other institute can. 

Learning from our highly experienced teachers will make you job-ready and if you have that creative spark in yourself, getting a great job as an animator is no big deal. So, hone your creative skills and learn animation with us, today.

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