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movies, The Creation of Animation Movies – A Perfect Know-How

The Creation of Animation Movies – A Perfect Know-How

Animated films are a deadly combination of technical achievements and imaginative wonder. It is a cohesive package of science and creativity. More or less we all wonder how our favourite cartoon shows or movies are made. Are you also one of those who want to become an animator? Then you need determination and hard work. Let’s dig into the world of animation by assessing how the experts bring their ideas to life. This can help you foresee creating your 3D world within your grasp. Take admission to an animation course in Kolkata to fulfil your passion.

Definition of Animation Movies

Animation movies are a special category of movies that is quite different from conventional movies. The difference lies in the way they are made. Conventional movies utilise live-action video recordings of human beings. But animated movies can be two types; either computer-generated in 3D or hand-produced in 2D. Both these types of animated movies differ to some extent. When you join an animation course, students learn about these facts and their differences.

But the basic principle is almost the same. Analogue artists and cartoonists like classic 2D animation. On the other side, digital experts often select 3D Animation due to their love towards pushing their limits. The best examples of 2D animation films are Disney’s Treasure Planet & Aladin. Toy Story & Minions are the best examples of 3D Animation films.

Procedures for Making An Animated Film

The process of making an animated film includes a total of seven major steps. Though each studio includes its unique procedure for making an animated film, these seven steps are the basic steps everyone follows in moderation. What are the seven steps? Well, keep reading to get a precise idea.

Idea Formation

The first and most important step of making an animated film is idea generation. The base of any successful animation lies in its core idea. The core idea is then created into an entire story. This first step includes story planning, script writing, character designing, concept art, hiring animators, voice artists, writers etc. After creating an entire outline and plans, now it’s turn to move to the next step.

Design Bible

The next vital step in making a thriving animated film is designing. Since animation is a type of visual medium, its appearance matters the most. The design bible notifies the entire crew about the final look of the project. This contains sample assets, reference images, motivational notes and anything else that is required. Whenever there is a requirement to add any element, keep in mind that the elements should match the movie’s vibes.


Storyboarding is a pre-production procedure that most animators use. Storyboarding involves the usage of images or illustrations, usually in a sequence to depict numerous scenes of a story. The storyboarding technique helps the animator visualise the entire project before its filming. Contact an animation training institute to learn about these techniques.


The next crucial step of making f an animated film is animatics. It is nothing but an initial draft of the animated movie. In this step, animators create the keyframes and apply basic motion to the major scenes. Animatics functions as a medium between the lively animated world and static storyboard. One can show animatics to the clients to satisfy them initially or get more funds.


The most vital step in this entire procedure is production. This step is when the proper animation comes together. Animators polish the major frames and finish all the details in between. The smoothness of each motion depends on the precise detailing of each frame. The main objective of production is to make every motion in the film as interesting as possible.


The next step is editing. Editing is a phase which decides how many frames will be there in the movie. Animators manipulate the video footage and rearrange it in a new order to develop new vibes. All this is done as per the instructions of the makers. in this step. This step also includes the addition of visual effects, audio recordings etc.


After making all the alterations, the entire version of the film can be rendered. Rendering is a procedure of finishing each scene and compiling them into one massive for distribution. In this step, the movie becomes ready for theatres and OTT sites.


So, these are the core steps of making animation films. If you are passionate about 2D or 3D animation, concept art, digital art or any relevant subject, contact an animation training institute. You can look at Arena Animation because they are one of the best institutes offering animation courses in Kolkata along with other parts of India. They can customize the course as per your requirement, their animation course fees is quite affordable and can be paid in installments and the best part is that they offer 100% Job placements. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with them today.

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