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, What is VFX and Benefits of Learning It

What is VFX and Benefits of Learning It

Since its introduction, VFX has been largely used by television and movies to create impossible worlds that cannot exist in reality. If you have seen movies like “Harry Potter” you have experienced the use of VFX on a grand scale.

But what exactly is VFX? 

VFX or visual effects refers to the imagery created which is impossible to exist in real life. VFX has a large use in movies but is not restricted to it. Today, we find VFX used in TV, commercials, and even video games.

Due to this exponential rise in the use of VFX, thousands of VFX specialists are needed nowadays to work behind the screen and create the fantastic worlds that we all appreciate.

Luckily, the techniques used in VFX can be learned. This is why thousands of students opt for VFX courses and bag lucrative jobs after completing them.

If you are looking for a reliable VFX course in Kolkata, you can always connect with us at Arena.

But first, let’s learn what VFX is and the benefits of enrolling yourself in a VFX course.

What is VFX?

VFX or Visual effects is a term used to describe the imagery created, enhanced, or manipulated to create worlds that do not exist in real life or live-action shooting.

Often, the manipulated imagery is integrated with the actual footage to create fantastic and realistic-looking environments. VFX is used to create such environments because either it is too dangerous to shoot in real or the world simply does not exist in reality.

Movies that use VFX often use CGI (computer-generated imagery) along with particular VFX software to create marvelous effects.

The scenes that need VFX are shot on green screens and the effects are added later on.

VFX and special effects are often confused. But these two are completely different. While VFX is added after shooting, special effects or SFX happens on the set. SFX involves things like controlled explosions, fake wounds, etc.

A good example of VFX would be the Harry Potter movies where it is used to create impossible worlds like dragons, snakes, and werewolves.

Benefits of Learning VFX

The use of VFX has increased manifold in the past few decades. Earlier it was mainly used in sci-fi movies or big-budget action movies. But now, VFX is used even in standard movies. Along with the use of VFX, the need for VFX specialists has also increased. So we see nowadays that thousands of students enrolling in VFX courses and bagging lucrative jobs in several different industries.

A specialized VFX course in Kolkata, however, offers more than just a job after completion. Though this is the primary reason to learn VFX, the benefits of a VFX course exceed far beyond it. Here are the top benefits of learning VFX.

Job Ready Course

As it is a specialized course that students might undertake after completing their 10+2 exams, a VFX course makes the student job-ready. Meaning, you’ll be able to bag a great job just after completing the course, and no added qualifications would be needed.

A good VFX course in Kolkata often offers 1000% job assistance to students and they can easily get a job with top companies from several industries. Some institutes also offer placement training before you appear for an interview.

Chance to Work in Studios

After completion of a VFX course, you become a VFX artist and you get a chance to work in top studios across the nation. You’ll work with the post-production team and it’s a priceless feeling to work with industry experts.

When you enroll with a reliable VFX course in Kolkata such as ours you’ll get every opportunity to work with professionals and sharpen your VFX skills right from the beginning of the course. After completing the course, you’ll be well-versed with all the skills you need to work in top studios.

Handsome Salary

As a VFX specialist working in a studio, you can earn handsomely. VFX artists working in a reputed company earn a very good living for themselves. So, if you have that creative spark in yourself, you too can earn a lot from being a good VFX artist. With experience and talent, you’ll be able to earn a lot in your career as a VFX specialist.

Creative Freedom

Working as a VFX specialist is different from working in any other profession. Here you get paid for using your imagination boundlessly. So, if thinking out of the box is your passion, you can always join a good VFX course to learn the techniques and use your imagination to create worlds and get paid for doing so. As a VFX artist, you’ll have complete creative freedom.

Thus VFX is an ideal career choice for people who like to create visual imagery and has that creative spark in themselves. All you need to do is enroll in a good VFX course in Kolkata and watch your career bloom.

Why Learn VFX from Us?

As an institute with over 24 years of experience in teaching animation and VFX, we at Arena Multimedia offer the most comprehensive VFX course that you can enroll in to learn the intricacies of VFX.

Our teaching staff is experienced and thus you’ll get to learn VFX from industry experts. Not only learn you’ll have ample scope for practice the details of VFX in our labs.

Our infrastructure is up-to-date and we use modern technology to teach the details of VFX. With us, you’ll get to learn how to use different specialized software for VFX.

Our staff and other members are always ready to help students with any difficulty that he/she might face. The teachers in our faculty are always eager to teach the students the several intricacies that VFX entails.

If you are worried about our VFX course fees, then please stop worrying. We have kept our fees very competitive as we think everyone should get a chance to learn from the best.

There is no extra qualification that you’ll need to learn VFX from us. You can enroll in our VFX course in Kolkata just after you complete your10+2.

Upon completion of our course, you’ll get complete job assistance and can bag a lucrative job easily.

So, if you really want your imagination to fly and you earn money from it, enrolling in a VFX course is the right choice for you.

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