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Animation Courses, Which Animation Courses after 12th Are Best for You?

Which Animation Courses after 12th Are Best for You?

Which Animation Courses after 12th Are Best for You?

Animation is undoubtedly and arguably one of the most challenging creative areas to master. But it’s true that an aspiring candidate does not only master it but also learns the fundamentals in order to take his proficiencies to newer heights.

For a 90’s kid, watching cartoon network was enough to gather influences and interests in the domain. Fast forward into 2020, and you have an array of films and cartoons that give you a multitude of inspiring elements to join the queue of successful animators. If you are preparing for your higher secondary examination and are on the verge of choosing your career option, it is evident to select animation courses after 12th and find a recognizable position in your career.

Can You Join Animation Courses after Class 12 in Kolkata?

Kolkata has always been a city where people celebrate colors and chaos with different cultures and beliefs. Not just that, the city also recognizes the creative and art industry in many a way. From fine art to digital painting, Kolkata opens new windows of career options for each and all creative minds. If you want to pursue animation after completing your higher secondary, it is time you seek information regarding the best multimedia training institute in Kolkata.

So many animation institutes have come up to serve outstanding training solutions. Given that institutes hire creative and talented mentors; attending success becomes less complicated. Want to join an animation course after class 12? With that regard, let’s find out the reasons why the industry is booming so promptly.

The Demand for Animation in Kolkata

The world has undergone a phenomenal and unprecedented boom in animation. With its boundaries getting seemingly transcended, it seems that the whole world has come together under one umbrella, as one unified whole. Right at this juncture, animation as a field of study has become so important and enviable in the lands of Kolkata.

Studying animation does not only set you up for higher-paid jobs but also provides creative people with a set of imaginative expressions. So many perks are there for students to get an established professional life. On that note, here’s presenting the reasons why Kolkata is witnessing a rise in animation with more and more institutes welcoming the talented minds to join the queue of successful animators and see a bright future ahead.

  • The world of animation has witnessed an upsurge in the job opportunities (one can become a graphic designer, animator, sketcher, editor, composer, movie maker, or software developer, to mention a few)
  • A wide range of programs and training solutions, including 3D animation
  • The entertainment industry in Kolkata demands graphics designing
  • The role of animation in Kolkata is becoming prerequisite for people in the entertainment or digital marketing industry

It would be a complete understatement if we say that animation offers stress-free academic solutions to enthusiastic minds. With animation industry garnering immense prominence, it has become a lot more sought-after for scholars to grasp the quintessential basics of the subjects (yes, animation is a whole new subject). For creative souls, pursuing a career in engineering or commerce can be really stressful.

Apparently, this is another reason why students, after clearing their board examinations, embrace this industry and learn the essentials of animation in order to groom themselves for a more creative career ahead. In accordance with the reasons mentioned above, let’s now find out the multimedia course in Kolkata that you can enroll for.

WhichMultimedia Course In Kolkata Should You Choose?

India has already been in the news as one of the countries to have opened new doors of opportunities for would-be producers and movie makers. So, this makes it completely evident that animation is not going anywhere, it is here to stay. Completing a course in animation does not only give you an earned certification but it also brings forth a wide range of opportunities to get your name dug as a creative professional in this sector. On this front, here is the sought-after set of multimedia course in Kolkata you can opt for.


Animation is like the first-come-first career choices for enthusiast who wishes to get recognized in this domain. Two fundamental types of animation are offered to candidates – 2 D and 3 D animation. Setting your animation base strong and straight can be obtained only upon completing the basic course study. People consider enrolling their name for the best arena animation institute in Kolkata. While there are multiple institutes that train ambitious candidates with animation and its basics, Arena is a name that’s second to none. You can register your name with this institute to receive high-quality training solutions and acquire in-depth understandings of tools like:

  • Shotgun
  • Maya
  • Adobe; and
  • Golaem Crowd Simulator

Recognizable and decent institutes also train candidates to enhance skills in:

  • Design visualization
  • Image magic
  • Digital sculpting
  • Projection Mapping
  • Augmented Reality; besides
  • Latest technologies & tools

Graphic Designing

Your professional journey in graphic designing is all about embarking on an intriguing pathway. From every nook and corner to the wider realms, graphic designing is a whole new field that helps creative souls in setting forth a future after with acquired knowledge in prerequisite technologies. The state-of-the-art graphic designing courses after 12th will include:

  • Adobe techniques
  • Professional UI or UX designs
  • Graphics & illustration basics
  • Web animation and its advanced levels; and more

Graphic design course gives a compilation of the entire course in just one single semester. For people who want to pursue their career in web animation, graphic designing courses are something unavoidable.

GWDD or Graphic & Web Design or Development

For aspiring candidates who want to delve into the depths of web designing and development, GWDD is a right training course. Taking you through professional web designing GWDD offers a comprehensive program which trains pupils in every aspect of graphic designing. With industry-endorsed methodologies, students accomplish the fundamental area of designs in order to excel as creative professionals.

Editing and VFX

Editing &VFX is an integral subject that every top-notch and best multimedia training institute in Kolkata focuses on. The course materials comprise 16 modules of advanced VFX animation. To achieve professionalism in the field of editing, the course also covers quintessential areas of editing by teaching tools like Photoshop, Mocha, Nuke, Digital Fusion, and more. These tools are the fundamentals in the animation technology.

To give an end note,

The ones who are interested to join the best arena animation institute in Kolkata can attain further details through the leading professionals. Most of the top-notch animation institutions have internship programs and offer internships upon the completion of the course. So, it is up to the candidate to decide which field of animation should he or pursue and which institute in Kolkata will be a secured pick.

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