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, Why Study VFX & Animation Course?

Why Study VFX & Animation Course?

Today, its almost impossible to imagine an urban life without bumping into some form of animation and VFX almost regularly. Right from your TV commercials to multiplex movies to online courses to school and college level education tools, corporate videos, engineering blueprints  animation and VFX seems inseparable from it all. And hence the utility and popularity of VFX and animation courses have only increased with time. We at Arena Animation Chowringhee as one of the oldest and best VFX Training Institute in Kolkata have witnessed this boom in animation and VFX education very closely and have been proud to be an intrinsic part of this amazing wave, as we train high-quality VFX and animation designers year after year from our institute. What Exactly Are These Expanding Horizons of Career Opportunity?

    • Booming Industry

If a decade or more back you were to ask people how promising the career opportunities are in the field of animation in India, you might have been mostly told, Not really! But today our own films and entertainment industry, corporate houses, and higher education systems have begun using VFX and animation-based products as never before!

    • Bollywood Film Animation And VFX

Bollywood blockbusters such as Ra.One and Baahubali demonstrate exactly how popular, practical and huge the use of VFX has become in our own backyard, and how rich the career opportunities.

    • Foreign Project Outsourcing to India

Whats more interesting is the phenomenon of Hollywood and various other foreign industries outsourcing their big budget VFX and animation projects to India.

    • Wont Ever Go Out of Requirement or Into Recession

Thus, this industry is not only blooming within our own cultural and industrial requirements but also booming with foreign outsourced assignments, making it one field that will never go out of relevance nor reduce viz. career opportunities. Why Study VFX & Animation Course from Us? No denying there are currently several institutes providing you with decent animation and VFX courses in the city, but we at Arena Animation Chowringhee are your own, oldest and most trusted name that offers the best animation and VFX course in Kolkata. It is one thing to offer a course and another to have pioneered the same. Arena Animation Chowringhee undoubtedly is the pioneer of VFX Training Institute in Kolkata. We keep our courses up-to-date with the latest technology and industry trends. We provide you the best, finely skilled mentors to help shine Your Own inner animation expert and creative spark. We look at your individual area of interests, your specific flare, and niche, and we train you towards honing your own unique style and talents in the field of animation and VFX. The intensive and most updated VFX and animation courses we offer are several notches above the usual mediocre potpourri of such courses usually offered by most, and with our courses and training in this industry, your animation and VFX career is only bound to flourish in leaps and bounds. So, give us a call today! Make Arena Animation Chowringhee your mentor and guide towards your own increasingly adventurous and prosperous career in the ever-expanding World of VFX and animation. Also, keep a watch out on our blog to read some of the latest and most trending topics on VFX and animation. We regularly bring you the best in the industry News, updates, trivia, and talks right here, on our blog!

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