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Animation Course in Kolkata, Best Animation Course in Kolkata

Best Animation Course in Kolkata

Animation is the simulation of movement created by simultaneous series of pictures. Earlier, it was created by photographing successive drawings but today most animation is done by computer-generated imagery (CGI).

The use of animation in films, cartoons, or games has made animation one of the most sought-after courses. Today, many students are flocking to learn animation due to the huge demand for skilled animators in various sectors of the work field.

There are innumerable benefits of learning animation from the best animation institute in Kolkata. One of them is that an animation course is job-ready, meaning if you have the skills,  you’ll have no issue bagging a good job across several different industries where animation is used.

If you are looking for a quality animation course in Kolkata, you can always approach us at Arena Animation.

But first, let’s dig a bit deeper into what animation is and what the benefits of learning animation are.

What is Animation?

Animation is about creating an illusion of movement by photographing successive drawings, models, or even puppets. As our eyes can retain an image for approx 1/10th of a second, a quick succession of images produces an illusion of a single moving image.

As mentioned, animation has moved on from photographing successive drawings to a more complicated technique of using CGI to create the illusion of movement.

When you opt to enroll in a quality animation course in Kolkata, such as us, you’ll be learning the different types of animation as mentioned below.

Types of Animation

Animation can be of different types as well. Mentioned below are the few types of animations that we get to see today.

Traditional Animation

This is one of the oldest forms of animation in movies. Traditional animation consists of drawing successive images on celluloid transparent paper and moving them in quick succession. The mechanism is the same as a flipbook but on a grander scale.

In the earlier years, the animator would draw on a table with light inside of it so that he could see his previous animation. This traditional style is not much prevalent today. If used, the drawings are made on tablets. Also, manual coloring is not used.

2D (Vector) Animation

With 2D vector based animation, the images are controlled by vectors rather than pixels. So, what does that mean?

Images with formats such as JPG, GIF, BMP, are pixel images. They can’t be resized without affecting its quality. Vector images, on the other hand, are defined by pathways with several start and end points. Graphics get created by joining these points. These points can be controlled and the final graphic will stand depending on how you are manipulating these points.

Vector-based animation uses mathematical values to resize images without loss in quality of the image, resulting in a smooth motion.

3D Animation

Today, most animation uses this 3D animation technique using computers to build the character they want. But just because it uses computers, it doesn’t necessarily make it any easier. 3D animation is still a complicated procedure.

The animator uses a computer program to move the body parts of the character they are working on. When the parts are in the right alignment, they set their frames. They do this for every frame and the calculation for every frame is done by the computer.

Apart from these three, there can be other types of animation as well. Motion graphics and stop motion are two more popular types of animation used. If you want to learn animation in detail and pursue your career as an animator, you can always join Arena, one of the best animation colleges in Kolkata.

Benefits of Learning Animation

There are several benefits of enrolling yourself in some quality animation course in Kolkata. Some of them are mentioned below.

Lucrative Job Opportunities

Today, animators are required everywhere. The notion that animators are required only in media and entertainment has become obsolete. Right from big IT houses to digital marketing companies to private personalities, the requirement of skilled animators lies everywhere. And if you have the skills required, you can easily bag a lucrative job right after you finish your training.

If you are looking for animation online courses, you can get them from us at Arena Multimedia.

Creative Authority

Some jobs might bring on restrictions to your wish or abilities, but not animation. While doing a job as an animator, you’ll soon realize the complete creative authority is solely in your hands. You can really create characters based on your imagination and get paid for that.

Some of the biggest creative geniuses were all the product of out-of-the-box thinking. Take the example of minions. Do you think there were any guidelines about creating such a character? Still, the characters were so loved that a full-length movie was made later solely on minions.

You can do Freelancing

Some jobs require that you attend the office every day. But animation is a field where you can easily do freelancing and there are ample scope available for that. So, you can easily work from your home or any place you are comfortable working in. With freelancing as a viable option, you can easily work with YouTubers, media houses, production companies, etc.

Why Choose Us?

At Arena, we boast of being the best animation institute in Kolkata. With years of experience of teaching the basics and advance levels of animation, we are one of the largest houses to teach animation and other multimedia courses.

Our teaching faculty consists of industry experts who are dedicated and devote their time and energy tirelessly to teach students animation and the various intricacies of it. Thus, students have the opportunity to learn from experts. Not only learn, with us, you’ll also get ample scope of practicing what you’ve learned.

Our facilities and infrastructure too is great, where every member and staff strive to help the students learn.

Our courses are job ready. Meaning, after learning from us, you can easily get a suiatble job. We also provide placement assistance to our students so that they do not face any difficulty in grabbing a good job.

If you are thinking of the course fees, please stop worrying, We have kept our course fees quite competitive and affordable so that everyone gets a chance to learn from the best. 

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