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Animation Course in Kolkata, # Reasons Why VFX Course Is Being Popular In India

# Reasons Why VFX Course Is Being Popular In India

About VFX :Visual Effects is the procedure by which visual imagery is created outside the context of a live action shot in film making and video production.  VFX allows film makers to build environments, objects, creatures and even people that would be impractical or impossible to film in the context of a live-action shot. VFX involves the integration between the actual footage and this manipulated Imagery to create realistic looking environments, sets and characters.  For this purpose, computer generated imagery and certain VFX softwares are used to create it.

Reasons Why VFX Course Is Being Popular In India: From Game of Thrones  to our Indian Bahubali- if anything other than story telling can grab audience attention, then it is VFX.  These VFX works transport viewers to a very different place then their own and make people believe in the world shown in these shows and movies that do not exist and that’s the power of VFX. From the past 6 years after the release of Bahubali– the Indian audience  is craving for VFX. According to the survey conducted by KPMG  – the Indian VFX and Animation Industry is worth a whopping Rs 88 billion with VFX alone holding on to Rs 68.4 billion with new and improved technology pushing the boundaries of visual effects we have now turned into a audience that expects to witness fantasies with the same authentic appeal as reality, Currently the Indian VFX industry captures about 10% of the global market and last but not least due to the pandemic as peoples are in homes, there has been a rapid increase in viewershipin the different OTT platforms where the viewers can witness the magic of VFX through movies or web series which is in turn increasing the popularity of VFX.

VFX Course In Kolkata: A VFXartist is one of the most trending, highly demanding as well as one of the most highly paid career options in today’s market. But the question is from where one can learn VFX in Kolkata to make his or her first footstep in this industry.  Well below are some renowned institute’s to learn VFX  :

Arena Animation: Located at 60, Chowringhee Road (Near Rabindra  Sadan, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020) this is one of the oldest and most reputed organisation and the first Adobe Certified Associate of Arena Animation carrying forward its excellence through professionals with years of expertise in Design, Animation, VFX and Motion Graphics. The institute has trained more than 6000 students over the year which makes Arena Animation one of the top Institutes in Kolkata in terms of learning  VFX.

They have another branch located at Shyambazar Kolkata (28, Choudhury Lane, Shyambazar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700004) which is an another renowned branch of Arena Animation with a team of young energetic professionalsoffering best Infrastructure, teaching facilities and mentors who guide the students and help them in their journey towards becoming successful VFX artists.

Zee Institute of Creative Arts:  ZICA is a part of the ESSEL Group. It has its presence in training and has been in the industry for the last twenty years. It has its presence in 15 cities in India. It imparts training in classical 2D, 3D animation, VFX and Gaming. It offers Diploma and certification courses in 2d and 3d animation, design and VFX. It has well-established VFX labs, 2d, 3d animation labs and its training centres give an industry experience in the world of animation.

Frame Box Animation and Visual Effects: It is a ten-year-old institute with a vision of providing skilled professionals. They are one of the leading educational brands in the animation industry. They offer undergraduate, degree, and expert and specialized certification courses. They are into 3D, VFX, graphic design, photography, editing, gaming, and motion graphics–

Reliance Education:  Reliance Education has various courses in animation, VFX, and gaming. They also have short term courses in 2d animation–

Jadavpur University: Located at Jadavpur, Kolkata – it is known as one of the reputed technology based learning Universities that offer Graphic to train the aspirants to use their creative skills and learn computer software to create and design campaigns that work together to build Identity and brand recognition for business organisations and service providers.

VFX Course Fees in Kolkata: On an average the fees for a VFXcourse in Kolkata lies between Rs 80000 to 1.5 Lakh and one can pay the Course Fees in easy instalments. Also students can avail of education Loan facilities to complete their learning given in almost all the Institutes.

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