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Graphic Design, Fundamentals of Graphic Design: A Helping Hand to the Beginners

Fundamentals of Graphic Design: A Helping Hand to the Beginners

The basic concepts of graphic design are crucial for every beginner. Clarity in the fundamentals leads to the success of the students. Graphic design fundamentals are all about understanding the elements of design – like shape, colour, typography etc and present it in a visual format in order to communicate a particular idea.

Understanding the fundamental concepts is immensely important to becoming a well-versed graphic designer.

Today, we will discuss the fundamentals of graphic design useful for the newbies.

Let’s get started and explore them

Creating a Solid Foundation by the Fundamentals

Graphic design is the practice of projecting ideas through textual and visual content, and to become a successful graphic designer, one needs to understand the essential elements of graphic design. So, let’s dig deeper.

Color Theory

The most essential element of graphic design is the color. Understanding an appropriate color theory helps a graphic designer deliver the right message to the audience through the design, attract potential clients, and create an aesthetically apt design.

Sometimes, we neglect the color part, but that’s not right. Colors in a design are a significant factor that lets the audience judge the brand. For say, graphics for a luxury brand often include colors like Carmel, Peach, Adobe, Sienna, Salt, Sand, and so on.

Contrast is the perfect way to make your graphic even more enticing. Using contrasting colors in a call-to-action button helps persuade the clients to take action toward a product or a service. The contrasting colors can uplift the click-through rate of the website.

So, the best graphic design institute in Kolkata always helps the students in identifying color elements while guiding them with the fundamentals of graphic design.

Most brands use some standard hues, including red, orange, blue, pink, green, white, and black.

Every color has a different meaning, and a well-versed graphic designer with full-fledged knowledge of graphic design fundamentals knows the best ways to use the right hues in the right place and attract the audience well.

Knowledge of Using Imagery

In addition to the hues or color theory, images are vital elements that beginners should know about.

The images in the graphics portray much about the brand. In the case of the graphics created for a particular campaign, images play a crucial role.

Whether creating an emotional connection with the audience or showcasing the features of the products, knowledge of putting the right images in a graphic is essential.

With increased online shopping, individuals pay maximum attention to the images to ensure product quality. So, a graphic designer should know the best ways to use images that are compatible with the devices used by the audience, say, phones, tablets, and laptops.


What’s typography? Typography is the font style used in the graphics. The newbies should learn about font type, spacing, and how to use the text effectively while creating a graphic.

Typography is a means of communication in graphic design. The selection and arrangement of fonts significantly affect the audience’s purchase decision. The font style must be clear and according to the brand’s niche.

The most used font styles in the graphics are Helvetica, Roboto, and Arial. Using font styles of the same family in a specific graphic gives a perfect look to the graphic and attracts a potential base at a faster pace.

Beginners should understand the proper use of the font size. For, say, in headings, applying a larger font, and for body and subheadings, a smaller font makes a graphic amazing.

Learning a Perfect Composition

Properly organizing the elements on a graphic is what we call composition. Composition is the next vital element a beginner should focus on.

Composition includes balance, hierarchy, and flow. The design must be simple and decent after combining the elements.

All the unnecessary information should be removed from the graphic, making it look clean and logically accurate. The composition of images, font style, color theory, buttons, etc., should be appropriately done to create a fantastic graphic.

The faculties of the best graphic design institute in Kolkata always consider offering minute details regarding the composition part to beginners.

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