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Animation Course in Kolkata, What is the difference between Animation and VFX ?

What is the difference between Animation and VFX ?

With the evolution in technology, the animation field has found a new path and ever since then its demand has been growing in the media industry. Animation and Visual Effects are the core ingredients that create a high-budget movie or TV show. Previously, practical effects were implemented to create a movie on any kind of show, but without any real effect.

This change was possible by adding the right proportion of animation and visual effects. This advanced approach has made time, money and energy worth spending. You can also join the best Animation Course in Kolkata to learn new skills and opt for a career in the media industry.

VFX and animations have made it possible to upgrade science fiction movies by creating imaginary digital space that looks quite realistic. However, even if we use the word animation and VFX interchangeably, there is a lot of difference between them.

To your surprise, you might not know that they have distinctive characteristics which keep them apart even in the career field.  So, let’s get to know more profoundly about animation and VFX.

What is Animation?

Animation is the art of giving life to objects, still images illustrations and 2D/ 3D generated characters. It is the method of capturing images, drawings, photos of such inanimate objects in quick succession to give an illusion of a sequential movement. As our eyes can only retain an image for about 1/10th of a second, multiple images moving in fast succession create an illusion of movement. 

As a student of animation, you’ll need to learn to use the latest techniques such as 2D hand drawing, 2D and 3D computer-generated graphics, stop motion, or model animation to create an animation sequence. So, if you have some creative skills, and wish to use your imagination to create something beautiful and unique, you can look at doing an animation course.

There are diverse types of animations available, ranging from – Stop Motion Animation, Computer Animation, 2D Animation and 3D Animation which is mostly used by all the major animation studios to create a high-quality movie.

If we compare 2D Animation and 3D Animation, we can understand the change through the animated movies produced in the 90’s and the movies produced today. 2D Animation were used to create movies back in the 90s, such as the Lion King, Aladdin etc. In contrast, today’s generation is all about 3D Animation like Toy Story and Brave. 3D Animation adds the third dimension which makes it more real. But, whatever be the generation, animation has never failed to produce a blockbuster movie. So, think straight and join an Animation Course in Kolkata to learn about new applications and tools using techniques.

What is VFX?

VFX is the process of bringing any imaginary character to real life. It is done completely through computer-generated elements and helps to create fantasy worlds on this earth which you can see on television and in movies. VFX also allows you to create visual effects in video games and commercials. As you can see, VFX will be overpowering most of the entertainment industry in the next few years.

Starting from science fiction to rom-com, VFX is everywhere. It is quite easy to learn, and one can easily establish oneself in this field as a VFX creator. If you are interested in this technique, then Animation Institute in Kolkata can help you to establish a career in this field.

Every big-budget film also includes VFX these days to create special effects and gain an audience. Thus, it has become challenging to determine what is real and unreal. VFX has been given credit for creating things that are quite impossible in real life. It is more like manipulating images, playing with the saturation, colors and the environment. The final result is to create something that looks real and feels real. If you have seen the creatures in Harry Potter or flying dragons in any fantasy movie, then do not get surprised these are complete creations of VFX. Every masterpiece movie you have seen to date is a VFX creation.

4 Key Differences between Animation and VFX

If you look at the major difference between animation and VFX, it will help you get a proper grasp of both fields. Joining an Animation Course in Kolkata can also help you to understand the variation.

Career growth

Both animation and VFX deal with media houses. However, there are a lot of differences that make their application distinctive. If you are an animator, you must spend your time drawing cartoons or using animation software to create characters. You also need to learn the career opportunities in the form of job roles such as – Flash animator, 3D Modelar, Graphic Designer, Art Director etc. There are basically innumerable professional directions.

However, if you are a VFX artist, you need to understand the principle of composting, work through different technologies to implement digital painting, rotoscoping etc. Basically, VFX artists have to learn the skill of how to merge creative elements and apply them in real life through raw footage or by remotely or working in the field. A specialist can choose to be a layout artist, matter painter, visual effect artist, lighting artist etc. To help you make the best decision, you must join a reputed Animation Institute in Kolkata.

Application of skill

You can see the use of animation in each and every field nowadays. Starting from media advertisements to movies and films, every graphics illustration you see is part of an animation. It can be an advertising campaign, website or even an online game.

On the other hand, visual effects are more associated with television shows, movies and even documentaries. Here the professionals learn VFX and the process of manipulating the imaginary and creating something out of the box. VFX, at present, is in high demand in the online gaming industry. Have you heard about Rockstar games and Sony? They frequently hire VFX artists because they need specialists who can bridge the demand and supply chain.

Expected salary

Salary growth can only be witnessed along with career growth. Irrespective of the field, career growth depends on the production house with whom you are working. At present, there is a huge demand for animators and VFX artists, but there is a supply gap. So if you choose to be an animator, you can capitalize quite easily. The salary for animated and visual effect artists is quite similar and is expected to be around 6 lakh to 7 lakh at the end of the year for beginners. However, you must take the initiative and join the best Animation Course in Kolkata to get the desired job in a popular media house.

Software required

To upgrade the skill of being a VFX artist and animator, you have to rely on a different set of softwares. Now, if you are a beginner, you can also get software that provides dual functions, but this serves the purpose of a very complex requirement. The most popular animation softwares are Autodesk Maya and 3Ds Max, these serve the purpose of an animator as well as a visual artist. The most exciting part is that you can create 3D graphics as well, which is in high demand at the present time. To upgrade your 3D graphics skills, you can join the best online VFX Course.

If you are looking for something exclusively for VFX, go for Nuke or Adobe After Effects, which can help you create visual effects easily. There are several tools applicable to help you with the mass production of visual effects. If you are looking forward to creating realistic places and characters, then Adobe Photoshop fulfills all the necessities and is considered to be a standard tool for every animation. You need to prioritize your requirements and understand what the software features are before you subscribe or buy a software package.

Choose your passion and get a highly paid job offer

Every part of the animation field has its own set of advantages, but you must always follow your passion as your career and choose the specialization accordingly. Do not rush, the key to success is to understand the pace and upgrade the skills to meet the job demand. Within the next 3 to 4 years, the media industry is going to witness a massive expansion. Further, the OTT platforms and online education system will surely make the fields quite popular not only in India but also abroad. So, why stop? Explore this creative world that brings in limitless possibilities.

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