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10 Top Graphic Design Courses for Beginners, How to Choose the Best Animation Course?

How to Choose the Best Animation Course?

Animation has come a long way – right from the development of cinematography to the emergence of digital marketing. And in every single industry (be it entertainment, business, or others), its contribution has seen an unnoticeable increase in its demand. While entrepreneurs started hunting for serious animators to generate sales, the entertainment domain also saw its prominence. And this way, the rising demand in recruiting professionals (who understand animation)gave rise to a career opportunity to the creative applicants.

How to Pursue a Career in Animation?

As everything has its first, the prominent contribution of animation only included some basic animation techniques. But long gone are those days. Cut to the recent era, and you’ll notice technological breakthroughs in this industry. If someone wants to pursue animation in 2021, that prospective professional requires possessing drawing skills and inherent creativity inside them.

But only creativity cannot take the professional to the summit in this domain. Serious enthusiasts require the significance of mushrooming trends in animation. They also need to have an insight into versatile animation methodologies that animation institutes follow in the Indian educational department.With that being said, it is fundamental to opt for a sought-after animation course in India. On this note, here’s presenting the crucial considerations to keep in mind when selecting an animation course. Let’s keep reading on without further delay.

Thumbs’ Rule to Choose the Best Animation Course

Learning how to craft animation is more important than landing on a good job after completing graduation. Thus, these factors are supposed to be considered.

#1 Considering What’s There in The Course Content

Animation scholars must look for a quicker route to get technical acumen considering the subject. The animation sphere often is lured by crash or short-term courses. And these courses claim to educate animation students over a shorter period of time, say within some weeks. Ensure that the chosen course encompasses quality content that will teach you every aspect of animation.

As education in animation is different from other core subjects, it’s more important to learn about animation software and tools. Thus, it is also imperative to confirm whether the institute (where you’ve enrolled for the course) teaches the quintessential software and tools necessary for animators or not.

#2 Short-term or Long-term!?

After graduating from your higher secondary school, it’s imperative to decide whether you want to pursue animation through a short-term or long-term course. As we all know, there are multiple degree courses in animation that you can choose in today’s academic sphere. On the contrary, one can choose a short-term course, given its multiple benefits.

While degree courses require a minimum of three years, short-term certified courses are just a matter of a few months. To pursue a degree or diploma course in animation, you must qualify for your 10+2 examination with a minimum of 50% of marks. For certified courses too, you require the same qualification. Whether you choose an institute or college, getting admission in animation requires both your creativity and intellectuality both.

#3 Online or Offline Course

Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, a wide range of online crash courses have been made available for animation learners. But even if you don’t want to choose a crash course and want to opt for a dedicated full-time course, you can select a prominent institute. For this reason, looking for the institute’s infrastructure, faculties’ academic background, lab infrastructure, theoretical and practical lessons covered are important considerations.

On the contrary, if you choose an online course, it’s important to consider these factors beforehand:

  • First off, decide the right animation course by exploring over the Internet
  • Read about the course from the description and perform a thorough survey
  • Narrow down the choices by considering your criteria
  • Choose the course that’s best for you and start exploring the animation world

#4 Quality of Faculties Teaching The Course

You need to ensure that the faculties are experienced and qualified to teach everything about the course. As a beginner in animation, it’s quite obvious that you would not have any understanding of the subjects. Thus, experienced mentors train you and teach you about the core details. If the faculties don’t have enough experience in this field, registering your name for that course seems unworthy.

You must enroll your name for the course that’s going to be taught by the industry-best animation professors. Even if it’s a crash course, it is important that you opt for one that’s assisted by professionals of the industry. And on this note, Arena Animation Chowringhee can be your safe bet. Given the occurrence of free Webinar classes and value-added classes, the professionals take care of the requirements and establish your career in animation.

#5 Placement Facilities, If Any

If you’re selecting a degree course, the job placement facilities of some renowned college directly reflect on the education quality it imparts. And having professional animators as the faculty can play a crucial role in the track record of the institute for placing the animation scholars!

For this reason, you can have a word with a final year or former students and understand the reputation of the institute in this animation domain. You can learn more about the college and whether or not it’s well-placed in this industry. Also, if you’re selecting a certified course, make sure that the institute offers placement facilities. If it does not, ensure that you learn what else the institute provides to its fellow students.

Wrapping up

A good animation school is one that utilizes modern with high-end facilities. As an institute, it should also have projectors in each classroom. Besides, the latest video equipment and camera installation are major considerations. What’s more, is that the animation production lab should be equipped with pen-tablets. And the library should be stocked with international journals and publications to educate students.

Considering everything mentioned above, the closest institute that looks to almost meet perfection is Arena Animation Chowringhee, Kolkata. If you’re in Kolkata and are planning to enroll your name for one of the best animation courses, Arena can be your one-stop destination!

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